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Meet Quincy Holloway

Meet Stephanie Reid

My daughter suffers from acute asthma. Of course, late night visits to the emergency room with your daughter struggling to breathe our air had a profound effect on me.  It led to a whole new career path. 

I began by training in Baltimore  to consult on solar PV systems after discovering that you simply couldn’t purchase them at the local Home Depot. 


It seemed like a risky business to jump into, but the more I studied, the more I learned that the West coast solar industry was eyeing Texas as an important new market. So I cashed out my retirement plan and set up 3Billion Renewable Energy.

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My youngest son had just turned one and I was struggling with a way to advance my career but still have time with the kids. The idea of real estate investing was presented to me and  quickly learned its not at all like it is on TV.  After learning from that costly mistake, I launched into networking and gained insight from mentors. Karōshi was born after reconnecting with college friend Quincy Holloway. His solar experience and my remodeling experience have proven to be just the right combination.

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